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Welcome to Smart Energy Ideas, where we try to figure out how to save energy and help the environment. The main theme here is about how to help your home be more efficient. We spend a huge amount of time, effort and money on our house. Why not make that effort as efficient as possible. Things like radiant barriers, solar hot water, solar thermal, insulation, CFLs, LEDs, and simply sealing up the gaps in a house with caulk can make a difference. I will be talking about each of these, so click away on a few pages and learn what you can to make a difference in your home.
The Federal Government is offering tax credits on material used to make your home more energy efficient. There are a few caveats to this, so read the fine print. You may not be getting credit for everything you do. I install radiant barriers in the Dallas and DFW area. I do this mostly to pay for the home improvement projects I keep coming up with. Who knows, your house may be helping to fund a solar project that you were hoping to learn about? Send an email to Toff and I will follow up and give you some honest feedback about how radiant barriers work and how much they cost.

Wind Turbines are getting cheaper

wind turbine

you have 1 acre clear of trees, then putting up a wind turbine is really a no-brainer. I found a turbine on ebay for just $99. It’s only a 250 watt unit, so don’t expect to power your air conditioner, but that’s still a good price. This is where green energy starts getting cheap. I’ve [...] [...]

Is Perpetual Light Possible?


Perpetual light sounded more like a hoax than a real product. I saw these online and I need to grab one just to see how it really works. They are a light source based on Strongtium Oxide Aluminate. The perpetual light isn’t really perpetual. Its more like advanced reflection of light. Crystals are formed that [...] [...]

Air Conditioning and Hot Water


I really like items that are dual purpose. That goes double for something that can turn waste into something useful. I saw this AC unit recently, so I thought I would share the coolness (pun intended): The idea here is that you can take the waste heat produced by a standard air conditioning unit and [...] [...]

LED Lumens Per Watt


I am now officially impressed. Several years ago, I looked into LEDs as competition for CFLs. They were not competitive at all. The lumens per watt was always less. Back then, the max I could find was 71 lumens per watt LED for a huge dollar figure vs a 75 lumen CFL for $5. This [...] [...]

How Many Lumens Do You Need?


This is the first time I’ve seen someone cram a high pressure sodium bulb down to 35 Watts. Most of the time this bulb is used for industrial lighting or outdoor use in teh 250W range and higher. It gives off a really yellow tint (2000k color temp) and is therefore not something I like [...] [...]

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