Air Conditioning and Hot Water

ACWH 300x179 Air Conditioning and Hot WaterI really like items that are dual purpose. That goes double for something that can turn waste into something useful. I saw this AC unit recently, so I thought I would share the coolness (pun intended):

The idea here is that you can take the waste heat produced by a standard air conditioning unit and run your water through it to help cool it down. The water then heats up (I know that my AC unit can see 138 degrees in the summertime as a norm) and travels back to your water heater. The water heater now has very little, if anything to do.

This saves you money, since you are no longer using gas or electricity to heat your water. The side benefit of using water that is 70 degrees to cool off your AC unit is a big bonus.

This particular unit is a SEER 18 1.5 ton unit that can produce 100 gallons of hot water per day.

Looking for a smarter air conditioner?

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