blow-in cellulose insulation

cellulose insulation is cheap, folks. It is winter here and I had the fun of both installing a radiant barrier (always nicer to install in the cold than in 140 degree heat) and blowing in more insulation. Blowing in insulation is cheap and easy. despite being covered in cellulose at the end, you are getting the biggest bang for your buck by making sure you have a minimum level of insulation.

I actually did everything via Home Depot this time (I'm looking for a good source for wholesale insulation right now). The process was simple with one caveat. Whatever you do, DO NOT get the plastic insulation blower. Home Depot lets you borrow the blower for free (with a deposit). the one I went to had 2 blowers and only one was in at the time. they gave me the plastic one. This thing clogged up every 5 minutes and was a royal pain to clena out and get started again. after about 3 hours of continuosly unclogging the thing, we took it back. the other insulation blower they had was an extrememly old cast iron monster. the cast iron blower never clogged, never broke, and worked flawlessly. I was definitely sold. Even the guys at Home Depot told us that the plastic always gets complaints.

so, bottom line is get the old clunker when you go to blow in insulation.

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