Wind Turbines are getting cheaper

wind turbine

you have 1 acre clear of trees, then putting up a wind turbine is really a no-brainer. I found a turbine on ebay for just $99. It’s only a 250 watt unit, so don’t expect to power your air conditioner, but that’s still a good price. This is where green energy starts getting cheap. I’ve [...] [...]

Is Perpetual Light Possible?


Perpetual light sounded more like a hoax than a real product. I saw these online and I need to grab one just to see how it really works. They are a light source based on Strongtium Oxide Aluminate. The perpetual light isn’t really perpetual. Its more like advanced reflection of light. Crystals are formed that [...] [...]

How Many Lumens Do You Need?


This is the first time I’ve seen someone cram a high pressure sodium bulb down to 35 Watts. Most of the time this bulb is used for industrial lighting or outdoor use in teh 250W range and higher. It gives off a really yellow tint (2000k color temp) and is therefore not something I like [...] [...]

Cook Stove Generates Electricity BioLite camp stove

  Someone sparked my memory and I remembered reading an article about a camp stove from BioLite that not only reduces emissions by 95%, but also generates electricity. This is truly Star Trek type of gear and always astounds me as to the level of technology that is available today! This stove has a built-in [...] [...]

Measure How Much Energy You Are Using

How much energy are you using for your microwave, computer, or VCR? Do you really know? I’ve been using a Kill-A-Watt monitor to do just that. Its one of the simpler ways to look at your electricity use. All you need to do is plug the monitor into the wall and then plug the appliance [...] [...]

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