Radiant Barrier Coolbox


ok, I just bought 6 boxes of vegetables from a local farm and I don’t get to pass them out until 24 hours later. How do kept the stuff fresh? Solution: Radiant Barrier Bubble Foil makes a perfect insulator. I added 3 milk jugs that were filled with water and frozen, and placed on an [...] [...]

Energy Efficient Refrigerator

So far the most energy efficient refrigerator I have found is from Sun Frost . The only exception I know of is the insulated cold box that was home-built by owners. I live in Texas, so harnessing the cold weather only works for about 2 months out of the year. Heat on the other hand [...] [...]

Discount Foam Insulation


Price: $956.00

IPM IP02 Stubby length transfer pump CS 21 ratio 810202 from Professor Foam

Price: $33.01

Under Armour 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle Red

Price: $105.95

Great Stuff PRO Window Door Low Expansion Gun Foam 6 cans + foam gun + cleaner

Price: $79,285.00

Graco H30 Spray Foam Equipment Trailer

Price: $12.47

NU CALGON 4218 W3 Perma Wrap Foam Insulation Tape 2 x 1 8 x 30ft Roll

Price: $28.99

Lunch Boxes For Adults Kids Teens Travel Outdoor Camping Foam Insulated Food New

Price: $196.00

Dow Great Stuff Wall and Floor Adhesive 265 oz Gun Foam 6 Cans

Price: $22.49

CIBA Seeds Foam Insulated Embroidered Snapback Hat K Products Made In USA

Price: $29.95


Spray in foam is not a radiant barrier

Foam is insulation. It is not a radiant barrier. I just got asked about foam again. Foam is an insulator. It does not block radiant energy. I consider foam, whether Icynene or Polyurethane, to be a kind of hyper-insulation. it has an R value usually double or more of fiberglass or cellulose. It insulates better, [...] [...]

blow-in cellulose insulation

cellulose insulation is cheap, folks. It is winter here and I had the fun of both installing a radiant barrier (always nicer to install in the cold than in 140 degree heat) and blowing in more insulation. Blowing in insulation is cheap and easy. despite being covered in cellulose at the end, you are getting [...] [...]