Radiant Barrier Coolbox


ok, I just bought 6 boxes of vegetables from a local farm and I don’t get to pass them out until 24 hours later. How do kept the stuff fresh? Solution: Radiant Barrier Bubble Foil makes a perfect insulator. I added 3 milk jugs that were filled with water and frozen, and placed on an [...] [...]

Spray Radiant Barrier Plus Foil Radiant Barrier

I subscribe to the “The Sherman Tank School of Engineering”, so I have no problems with spending more time, effort and money on a project if the payoff is there. In this case, it is. You can “double bag” your attic by using both spray radiant barrier and then stapling up the foil radiant barrier. [...] [...]

Radiant barrier contractors

If you don’t need a radiant barrier installed in your attic, a company should be honest enough to tell a customer. Someone at church stopped me in the hallway and asked me about “aluminum insulation”. they had gotten a quote from a company that was going to charge them $3000 to upgrade to a radiant [...] [...]

Foil Insulation or Foil Bubble Insulation

I hear people ask about foil insulation a lot and the first thing I have to do is stop them and give an explanation about what insulation is. Insulation, in the context of what you are going to stuff into your attic, is a material that slows down the transfer of heat. Its really that [...] [...]

Install Foil Vertical vs Horizontal

This week someone asked me to help them understand their radiant barrier quote. They had questions about some of the things they had been told about the installation process. He said the salesman told him that it didn’t really matter how the barrier was installed. Since I always install the foil vertically on the rafters, I [...] [...]

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