Cook Stove Generates Electricity

shapeimage 2 Cook Stove Generates Electricity 

Someone sparked my memory and I remembered reading an article about a camp stove from BioLite that not only reduces emissions by 95%, but also generates electricity. This is truly Star Trek type of gear and always astounds me as to the level of technology that is available today!

This stove has a built-in thermo-electric device that powers a 1 watt fan. The fan increases oxygen flow, therefore increasing the temperature of the fire. A hotter fire will burn cleaner with fewer particulates and also generate more heat for the same amount of wood. This allows you to boil water and cook food with sticks, twigs and pine cones you walk past, rather than having to cut down wood.

Now, we are not talking about powering your house with this unit, but recharging a cell phone or powering a LED light is not a problem. This is just another example of impressive technology that needs to continue being built.


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