Replacing Harddrives With Online Backups

I often get in a quandry over whether it is better to back up all my family photos online or to buy yet another external hard drive.

In both cases, a hard drive is being purchased. On the one hand, I really like the idea that I own the hard drive rather than someone else. But, then you get in to the up keep and maintenance part of things.

What if the drive is dropped? What if it crashes?

If someone else is handling it, then I no longer need to worry. Backing up my files online also allows me access to my stuff from anywhere. In this case, the cost of electricity is minimal, but the actual device is still taking up space in my house.

So, I am trying out Dropbox Replacing Harddrives With Online Backups to see how it works. Yes, I use Google, but so far dropbox has given me the networking ability in an easy package. Because I can share DropBox folders with other people, I have several people who have access to my online box and none of them use the same type of computer or OS. This makes life much simpler. I like Google docs for working on a document simultaneously, but sharing large files is not what it's made for.

I'll let you know how the test goes.

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