LED Flashlights

I'm a sucker for any flashlight that does not require batteries. I have an assorted collection of them. What people normally ask is whether or not these lights are for actual work, or just toys. The easy answer is BOTH.

I have a 3 year old that likes to go to bed with a flashlight to play with. As a grown-up, I want my 3 year old to actually go to sleep. I got the best of both worlds in these shake lights, small or large. The first thing my son does is shine the thing in his eyes (yep, he's male), then he shines it in my eyes. Now, these little shake lights only use a single LED and therefore do not get very bright, especially if you don't shake the thing too much.

Having a dim flashlight that only lasts for a few minutes is absolutely PERFECT for a small child. I don't have to replace batteries and by the time he is asleep, the flashlight runs out. I mean, really, why buy batteries when you can power something with a 3 year old? so far these shaker lights have also been the most durable. they get dropped, stomped, smacked, and slung around quite often. They still work. this is more than I can say about the crank light I bought and they (both my daughter and son, this time) proceeded to flip off the "on" and "off" switches. The light still works, but the buttons no longer remain intact for more than a few seconds.

My favorite flashlight (and the kid's favorite) is the pull string rechargeable flashlight. This is an LED flashlight that I actually use to work with. it has a lot of light and the rechargeable battery means that I don't have to containtly shake or windup the light while I'm crawling around in someone's attic. The battery will last a very long time and best yet, I can give it to my kids to recharge (again, who needs batteries when I can power a light with a 3 year old?).

LEDs have a niche market right now. This is just like the CFLs used to be. Now, everyone sells CFLs at a cheap rate. Eventually, the LEDs will surpass the CFLs, but for now, they remain a specialty application with a price tag to match. personally, I tend to look at efficiency and price tag. Whatever the best bang for the buck is, that is where you will find me. That being the case, flashlights are the best application I have seen. between low energy consumption and lack of breakable parts, LEDs are the hands-down winner.

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