Measure How Much Energy You Are Using

How much energy are you using for your microwave, computer, or VCR? Do you really know? I've been using a Kill-A-Watt monitor to do just that. Its one of the simpler ways to look at your electricity use. All you need to do is plug the monitor into the wall and then plug the appliance into the monitor. That's it! now I can see that my computer uses 6 watts even in sleep mode. That's not alot, but add that up over the course of a year and it starts to add up. Its the little stuff that individually don't cost much, but when you have 20 devices doing the same thing you see the end result in your pocketbook. At least by monitoring, you know what everything is costing you and you will never be in the dark when you pay your electricity bill.

I loaned out my old monitor and had it never found its way back, so I had to go looking for a new one. I originally paid something like $40 for my first one, and lo and behold, the price has dropped by over half. I saw the exact same thing over at for less than $20. i jumped on the deal and got a new one to add to my toy collection.

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