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Welcome to Smart Energy Ideas, where we try to figure out how to save energy and help the environment. The main theme here is about how to help your home be more efficient. We spend a huge amount of time, effort and money on our house. Why not make that effort as efficient as possible. Things like radiant barriers, solar hot water, solar thermal, insulation, CFLs, LEDs, and simply sealing up the gaps in a house with caulk can make a difference. I will be talking about each of these, so click away on a few pages and learn what you can to make a difference in your home.
The Federal Government is offering tax credits on material used to make your home more energy efficient. There are a few caveats to this, so read the fine print. You may not be getting credit for everything you do. I install radiant barriers in the Dallas and DFW area. I do this mostly to pay for the home improvement projects I keep coming up with. Who knows, your house may be helping to fund a solar project that you were hoping to learn about? Send an email to Toff and I will follow up and give you some honest feedback about how radiant barriers work and how much they cost.

Radiant Barrier Coolbox


ok, I just bought 6 boxes of vegetables from a local farm and I don’t get to pass them out until 24 hours later. How do kept the stuff fresh? Solution: Radiant Barrier Bubble Foil makes a perfect insulator. I added 3 milk jugs that were filled with water and frozen, and placed on an [...] [...]

Cook Stove Generates Electricity BioLite camp stove

  Someone sparked my memory and I remembered reading an article about a camp stove from BioLite that not only reduces emissions by 95%, but also generates electricity. This is truly Star Trek type of gear and always astounds me as to the level of technology that is available today! This stove has a built-in [...] [...]

Spray Radiant Barrier Plus Foil Radiant Barrier

I subscribe to the “The Sherman Tank School of Engineering”, so I have no problems with spending more time, effort and money on a project if the payoff is there. In this case, it is. You can “double bag” your attic by using both spray radiant barrier and then stapling up the foil radiant barrier. [...] [...]

Measure How Much Energy You Are Using

How much energy are you using for your microwave, computer, or VCR? Do you really know? I’ve been using a Kill-A-Watt monitor to do just that. Its one of the simpler ways to look at your electricity use. All you need to do is plug the monitor into the wall and then plug the appliance [...] [...]

Energy Efficient Refrigerator

So far the most energy efficient refrigerator I have found is from Sun Frost . The only exception I know of is the insulated cold box that was home-built by owners. I live in Texas, so harnessing the cold weather only works for about 2 months out of the year. Heat on the other hand [...] [...]

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