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Welcome to Smart Energy Ideas, where we try to figure out how to save energy and help the environment. The main theme here is about how to help your home be more efficient. We spend a huge amount of time, effort and money on our house. Why not make that effort as efficient as possible. Things like radiant barriers, solar hot water, solar thermal, insulation, CFLs, LEDs, and simply sealing up the gaps in a house with caulk can make a difference. I will be talking about each of these, so click away on a few pages and learn what you can to make a difference in your home.
The Federal Government is offering tax credits on material used to make your home more energy efficient. There are a few caveats to this, so read the fine print. You may not be getting credit for everything you do. I install radiant barriers in the Dallas and DFW area. I do this mostly to pay for the home improvement projects I keep coming up with. Who knows, your house may be helping to fund a solar project that you were hoping to learn about? Send an email to Toff and I will follow up and give you some honest feedback about how radiant barriers work and how much they cost.

blow-in cellulose insulation

cellulose insulation is cheap, folks. It is winter here and I had the fun of both installing a radiant barrier (always nicer to install in the cold than in 140 degree heat) and blowing in more insulation. Blowing in insulation is cheap and easy. despite being covered in cellulose at the end, you are getting [...] [...]

spray on radiant barriers

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Radiant barrier contractors

If you don’t need a radiant barrier installed in your attic, a company should be honest enough to tell a customer. Someone at church stopped me in the hallway and asked me about “aluminum insulation”. they had gotten a quote from a company that was going to charge them $3000 to upgrade to a radiant [...] [...]

Foil Insulation or Foil Bubble Insulation

I hear people ask about foil insulation a lot and the first thing I have to do is stop them and give an explanation about what insulation is. Insulation, in the context of what you are going to stuff into your attic, is a material that slows down the transfer of heat. Its really that [...] [...]

Replacing Harddrives With Online Backups

I often get in a quandry over whether it is better to back up all my family photos online or to buy yet another external hard drive. In both cases, a hard drive is being purchased. On the one hand, I really like the idea that I own the hard drive rather than someone else. [...] [...]

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