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Welcome to Smart Energy Ideas, where we try to figure out how to save energy and help the environment. The main theme here is about how to help your home be more efficient. We spend a huge amount of time, effort and money on our house. Why not make that effort as efficient as possible. Things like radiant barriers, solar hot water, solar thermal, insulation, CFLs, LEDs, and simply sealing up the gaps in a house with caulk can make a difference. I will be talking about each of these, so click away on a few pages and learn what you can to make a difference in your home.
The Federal Government is offering tax credits on material used to make your home more energy efficient. There are a few caveats to this, so read the fine print. You may not be getting credit for everything you do. I install radiant barriers in the Dallas and DFW area. I do this mostly to pay for the home improvement projects I keep coming up with. Who knows, your house may be helping to fund a solar project that you were hoping to learn about? Send an email to Toff and I will follow up and give you some honest feedback about how radiant barriers work and how much they cost.

Install Foil Vertical vs Horizontal

This week someone asked me to help them understand their radiant barrier quote. They had questions about some of the things they had been told about the installation process. He said the salesman told him that it didn’t really matter how the barrier was installed. Since I always install the foil vertically on the rafters, I [...] [...]

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Price: $24.33

NGS USB Party Lights Spectra Rave

Price: $8.20

6x Xenon White Car LED Lights Interior Package Kit for 2000up Toyota Corolla US

Price: $91.81

PHILIPS D1S Xenon X treme Vision 85415XV2S1 gen2 HID Headlamp 1 piece

Price: $9.95


Price: $39.90

MIT TOYOTA COROLLA 08 16 LED door open warning lights anniunciation flash lamps

Price: $38.99

Mini Security IP Camera 360 degree Panoramic Hidden wifi Camera Cam Light Bulb

Price: $15.87

6 x Westinghouse 900mm Canopy Rangehood Halogen Lamp Light Bulb Globe WRF960CS

Price: $15.04

E17 Led Bulb YEGU Microwave Oven Light Dimmable 4 Watt Warm White 3000K Low 3

Price: $1.99

Christmas Light Bulbs Cupcake Rings 12 ct Toppers Party Favors Cake Decorations

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Insulation Before or After Radiant Barrier?


If you are going to add insulation to your attic, do it after you tromp through your attic to install the radiant barrier. Insulation depends upon being fluffed up, since the more air pockets you have, the greater the insulation effect. Every time you step down on insulation, you are reducing its effectiveness (if not [...] [...]

Radiant Barrier Installation Video – Part 2

there’s really not a lot involved in stapling up the foil. start at one end and staple the foil to the rafter. Unroll the foil as far across the rafters as your roof structure allows (yes, this help tremendously if you have another person helping). I have done this without help and it is extremely [...] [...]

Radiant Barrier Installation – Part 2

The next step in installing a foil radiant barrier is to figure out what you are looking for in a foil. Different vendors sell their foil in different configurations (i.e. lengths). The most common size in bulk seems to be a 4 foot long roll at either 500sqft or 1000sqft long. How you install the [...] [...]

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