Is Perpetual Light Possible?

 Is Perpetual Light Possible? Perpetual light sounded more like a hoax than a real product. I saw these online and I need to grab one just to see how it really works. They are a light source based on Strongtium Oxide Aluminate. The perpetual light isn't really perpetual. Its more like advanced reflection of light. Crystals are formed that can absorb light quickly and then release that same light slowly as a soft glow. This is not flashlight stuff. This is a glow that your eyes will have to adjust to rather than a large number of lumens that you could read by a book by.

Strongtium Oxide Aluminate

By placing the Strongtium Oxide Aluminate in front of a strong light (the amount of light affects the amount that is absorbed) for around 10-15 minutes, you will now have a glow that lasts many hours (I saw that they claim days, but I haven't tested that myself).

I saw several uses for this and the paint pigment immediately caught my eye. I can see painting a child's room with the constellations on the ceiling. Imagine how cool that would be for your kid to sleep under the stars every night.

This is non-toxic, and reusable. There are no batteries, or bulbs, or anything that needs to be replaced. Unlike the Tritium items, this isn't radioactive. This gives off no heat at all. It comes in a sealed, watertight package and is lightweight, which is great for camping. I saw a suggestion about putting a velcro strip on the back of the package and putting it anywhere.

Electricity Optional

That's why I am really interested in these. Imagine giving up all of those night lights in your house and having a permanent solution that requires no electricity? No, that won't make much of a dent in your electric bill, but its just another case of eliminating an electrical device that you don't need. Every little bit counts.


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