Radiant barrier contractors

If you don't need a radiant barrier installed in your attic, a company should be honest enough to tell a customer. Someone at church stopped me in the hallway and asked me about "aluminum insulation". they had gotten a quote from a company that was going to charge them $3000 to upgrade to a radiant barrier attic.

I volunteered to go take a look since $3000 is a lot for a smaller home. I guess I expected to see horribly small crawl spaces and a convoluted roof structure. What I saw were TREES. Lots of them. The trees covered about 80% of the home. The part that was not covered only looked like it received sun for about 4 hours of the day.

point of note here: Trees are nature's radiant barriers. They effectively block the radiant heat from getting to your roof, much less your attic.

If your house already has something that blocks the sun's direct rays, then there is no need to install something that blocks the radiant heat. the company that quoted him, was just looking at the dollars that they would make, not the dollars that the customer would save in energy. It's like putting lipstick on a pig. You are never going to get a return on that investment. All you will be doing is donating to an anonymous company.

If you are bound and determined to get that foil barrier up, then by all means, got for it. But please, make it a wise investment and put the aluminum where it can acutally help your cause.

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