Radiant Barrier Coolbox

ok, I just bought 6 boxes of vegetables from a local farm and I don't get to pass them out until 24 hours later. How do kept the stuff fresh?

Solution: Radiant Barrier Bubble Foil makes a perfect insulator. I added 3 milk jugs that were filled with water and frozen, and placed on an old towel inside the coolbox and it lowered the temperature inside the box by 13 degrees. Radiant Barrier really isn't an insulator, so the results really surprised me. I used double bubble foil, so the bubbles created a small amount of insulation, but I didn't know how much, until I tested it with the infra-red thermometer. I didn't even have the box totally sealed either, which would have probably lowered the temp even more. The Bubble foil radiant barrier has a certain amount of rigidity built in, so other than having to straighten it back out after the cat jumped on it, I didnt even need a frame or anything to hold it up. Yes, a little more wood or effort would have created something even better, but as a 10 minute solution (I had to immediately run to a birthday party for my kid's friend), it worked out spectacularly. The only materials I used were the double bubble foil and some reflective tape. That's it!

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