Solar Fans?

I've never tried the solar attic fans. They were always too expensive to me. The lowest priced one I ever saw was still over $300. I just got through with a barrier this past weekend. It was a friend so we actually did the both the spray AND the foil. Then I went to Home Depot and got 2, 6 inch A/C booster fans and wired them to a thermostat in the attic. he only had 2 vents in it attic, so it was perfect. We bolted the fans on the backside of the vents so we wouldn't have to touch the outside roof at all. I still need to cut out a few more soffit vents to allow more air into the attic. The small fans use up very little electricity and cost $27 each. so, for 2 fans plus the thermostat (27+27+33=$87), I now have similar ventilation to the solar fans (solar fans have less oomph than normal fans due to the lower amount of electricity the solar provides) and for much, much less. The electricity the fans use should roughly be $11 per year worth of electricity, so costwise, the small fans pay for themselves easier than the solar fans do. Since the motor in the fans (both solar and small) will eventually give out due to the heat, I am much happier replacing 2 little fans 5-10 years from now, than replacing the $300 solar fan. Solar photovoltaic still needs to come down on price a bit to make them truly competitive. Right now, it feels like they are just there to provide decoration rather than true cost justification. I've got my fingers crossed (because I would love to have some PV panels).

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