solar rechargeable keychain flashlight

solar panel keychain flashlight 225x300 solar rechargeable keychain flashlightI just got back from the conference at the Crown Plaza in Addison and the best schwag I picked up was from Layered Tech and Crossvale. Both of these booths managed to get their hands on a really cool Mini LED Solar Power Rechargeable Keychain. There are a lot of the LED keychain lights out there, but who really wants to spend the money on replacing the batteries when they go dead? yeah, no one does. So as conference schwag, they are just cool for the single day that the light works. Now for those who have kids, these little flashlights mean that I will be keeping it around (yes, I grabbed one for each kid, plus my own) for as long as it can be recharged (cross your fingers and hope its a capacitor).

Isn't the whole point of offering a giveaway to get your name out there and have people remember who you are?

Offering something that will be useful, fun and kept around for a long time, means that you aren't just flushing money down the drain. By spending the extra money to get something nice, Both of these companies are showing that their management is capable of thinking long term, rather than buying another pen.

Ok, niceties out of the way, let's take a look at the actual flashlight:

- Material: Molded ABS, black
- LED Brightness: Each LED is 5 Lumens, that's a total of 15 Lumens
- Charge Time: 3 - 6 hours
- Dimension: L:58 x W:34 x 8 (mm)

I found these stats for a similar item and they looked pretty close, but they had the button on the back rather than the side button that both of these had. The Crossvale one has button that you hold down, whereas the Layered Tech light has a switch. I gave the push button ones to my kids, that way when they fall asleep, the light will automatically turn off.

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