if you call any of the major radiant barrier installers, more than likely they are going to be talking about the spray-on variety of radiant barrier. The biggest reason is because it is soooo much easier to install than the foil type. A typical house can be sprayed in a matter of hours. The basic technique is rather a let down.

1. Buy a professional level airless paint sprayer (yes, it needs to be airless).

2. Buy the paint (many different vendors and they all say theirs is the best).

3. Crawl around in the attic and spray.

That's about it.

Well... an air filtration mask and a jumpsuit is highly recommended for those who wish to keep their lungs and skin from turning silver. There is some finesse involved in the actual spraying. Too much paint and you are wasting some very expensive paint. Too little paint and you are defeating the whole purpose of getting a radiant barrier. Finding someone who can handle moving the sprayer, the paint and themselves through the house to the attic and back without smudging paint on anything is hard to do.

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