How Many Lumens Do You Need?


This is the first time I’ve seen someone cram a high pressure sodium bulb down to 35 Watts. Most of the time this bulb is used for industrial lighting or outdoor use in teh 250W range and higher. It gives off a really yellow tint (2000k color temp) and is therefore not something I like [...] [...]

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Price: $83.36

700W 52INCH LED Light Bar ATE 4X4 Offroad ATE for Jeep Ford Driving Osram 7D+

Price: $29.99

2 72W 7600LM LED Headlight Kit H1 White Bulbs lamp light for NISSAN Almera

Price: $19.94

KONIK H6W BAX9S CANbus 6000K WHITE LED Parker Light Bulb For Audi BMW F20 F30

Price: $3.95

10 pcs T10 Yellow orange 5050 5 LED Wedge Tail Car Light Bulb 194 168 W5W 12V

Price: $43.84

280W 22Inch Curved LED Work Light Bar ATE UTB Pickup Truck Offroad Lamp for Ford

Price: $3.99

10PCS 12V 38mm 3 SMD 239 272 C5w Canbus No Error Warm White Interior Light DOUK

Price: $37.80

SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram Smart Home Connected LED Light Bulb 65W BR30 Warm

Price: $56.26

32Inch 420W Curved LED Work Light Bar ATE 4WD Offroad for Jeep Ford vs 30 OSRAM

Price: $3.19

2PCS Pure Red T10 Wedge 5050 5 SMD CAR W5W 194 158 168 2825 LED Light Bulbs

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