LED Lumens Per Watt


I am now officially impressed. Several years ago, I looked into LEDs as competition for CFLs. They were not competitive at all. The lumens per watt was always less. Back then, the max I could find was 71 lumens per watt LED for a huge dollar figure vs a 75 lumen CFL for $5. This [...] [...]

solar rechargeable keychain flashlight

I just got back from the Openca.mp conference at the Crown Plaza in Addison and the best schwag I picked up was from Layered Tech and Crossvale. Both of these booths managed to get their hands on a really cool Mini LED Solar Power Rechargeable Keychain. There are a lot of the LED keychain lights [...] [...]

LED Flashlights

I’m a sucker for any flashlight that does not require batteries. I have an assorted collection of them. What people normally ask is whether or not these lights are for actual work, or just toys. The easy answer is BOTH. I have a 3 year old that likes to go to bed with a flashlight [...] [...]