LED Lumens Per Watt


I am now officially impressed. Several years ago, I looked into LEDs as competition for CFLs. They were not competitive at all. The lumens per watt was always less. Back then, the max I could find was 71 lumens per watt LED for a huge dollar figure vs a 75 lumen CFL for $5. This [...] [...]

How Many Lumens Do You Need?


This is the first time I’ve seen someone cram a high pressure sodium bulb down to 35 Watts. Most of the time this bulb is used for industrial lighting or outdoor use in teh 250W range and higher. It gives off a really yellow tint (2000k color temp) and is therefore not something I like [...] [...]

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Price: $35.99

18W Circular LED Tube G10Q Warm white 3000K 300mm T9 round tube light AC85 265V

Price: $22.95

USHIO 60W 24V BA15D G4 Scientific Halogen Light Bulb

Price: $18.99

2x Error Free LED number License Plate Lights For Benz smart w453 fortwo forfour

Price: $0.79

12V Wired Control Module w Strobe Flash For Car Motorcycl LED Strip or Bulbs m2

Price: $7.42

H7 Super Bright Yellow Xenon Halogen 3000K Headlight 2x Light Bulb Ht2 Low Beam

Price: $9.48

Halogen Lamp Ge Lighting Q45MR16 HIR CCG10

Price: $6.05

10 Eiko 168 Lamp Light Bulb Box of 10 Indicator Panel Accent Side Marker auto

Price: $163.81

Westin 46 43725 Max Winch Tray Bull Bar Light Bar

Price: $3.28

10W Blue 455nm + Red 630nm 72 Hybrid LED Lavender Violet Light Plant Aquarium

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