Wind Turbines are getting cheaper

wind turbine Wind Turbines are getting cheaper

you have 1 acre clear of trees, then putting up a wind turbine is really a no-brainer. I found a turbine on ebay for just $99. It’s only a 250 watt unit, so don’t expect to power your air conditioner, but that’s still a good price. This is where green energy starts getting cheap. I’ve priced the payback on solar photovoltaic and its still a hefty investment with many years as the payback. is making photovoltaic systems more affordable, but I’m still sold on wind turbines for now.

To max out on a wind turbine, you need 1 acre free of big trees and a 30 foot pole to put the turbine on. You can always do less (or more), but to really get the best out of the existing wind power, this is a good reference point. At 30 feet up, the wind is more stable and more prevalent. It also fluctuates slower. Turbulent wind makes for less power at the turbine, so having a steady wind will produce the maximum wattage.

Take a look for yourself. The options on wind turbines keep getting lower prices. That means when you finally buy your electric car, you can charge it with green energy. That’s always a good thing.

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